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Collected $3.7 mln USD in airdrops
Berezka DAO
38 announcements of the largest airdrops since July 2022. Among the first to announce airdrops of the following projects:
2,800 users
Weezi Angels DAO
Real-time tracking of dozens of wallets with the largest airdrops on dozens of blockchain networks and services
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What did you miss if you didn't participate
in APTOS, BLUR, and ARB?
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of our community members
500 APT earned.
Sold at $7.7.
Net profit of US $3 850
October 2022
$3 850 with APTOS airdrop
$40 000 from BLUR airdrop
February 2023
20 000 BLUR earned
Sold at $2.
Net profit of US $40 130
$8 700 from ARB airdrop
March 2022
7 250 ARB earned.
Sold at $2.
Net profit of US $8 700
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Careful analysis is important to select worthwhile projects. We analyze over 200 active airdrops on dozens of networks and resources with daily announcements!
You can spend up to 67 hours on tasks just to qualify for 1 airdrop. To make this financially stable one needs to participate in hundreds of airdrops at the same time.
Up to 67 hours to qualify for 1 airdrop only
Up to $72 000 per month
On transaction costs - fees paid by wallets which received the largest airdrops
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Access to a private chat with information on airdrops selected by our team
Custom automation for collecting airdrops into your wallets
Support from the project’s managers in the text form
Our Clients’ Reviews
Co-creator Buffett’s $10 Dollars Channel
Alik Arslanov
We have been using Weezi to set up DAOs since February, 2023. Since then, we have set up more than five DAOs powered by Weezi. Weezi helped to automate workflows with investors.

It is very important for us that the team promptly helps with configuring the service. Yes, there are technical hurdles, the service is in the early stage now, and there is room for improvement. But the Weezi team promptly answers the questions, arranges zoom meetings, if needed. It helps to go ahead at a fast pace and tackle tasks with Weezi.

We continue working with Weezi further.
Creative Director, Blocher Partners
Bogdan Shevchenko
Berezka and Weezi are trustworthy partners. They were able to enhance my confidence, which is the major indicator for me. The team is nice and open to communicate with, plus, they provide a great deal of useful information.

As to results, I managed to participate in two products, Deposit and Flex. I still keep Flex, and I have already made some profit with Deposit.

Also, I want to say thanks to the project’s managers for ultimately competent answers 24/7!
СЕО and Analyst, А3Fund.Capital
Arseny Arkhangelsky
We have known the project’s team since 2018 and know the project’s founders as ones of the best and competent old-school crypto experts. We participated in various token sale and OTC transactions, made large sums of money, joining early-stage projects.

We contacted the Weezi team to set up a DAO. Everything was cool, DAO was set up in a few minutes, thanks for the support and implementation. We recommend them as cool crypto experts.
Founder, CryptoRobotics
Ivan Shcherbakov
We have been cooperating with Kommune in venture capital investments for about two years, the interaction is fine, the guys offer good deals, which we could not join otherwise due to lack of resources and expertise.

We like the work processes on all the transaction stages, the team’s competence in crypto, overall high level of service, business ethics and expertise are well noticeable.
Founder, Stactive Capital
Dmitry Potapov
I have been working with Berezka DAO since March. The portfolio showed growth at first, then it went slightly down. Given a strong decline in the market, I am fine with the result, waiting for growth.

As to communications with the Berezka team, everything is clear and accurate.
I got to know Berezka DAO in August 2020, I invested in dynamic, flex products. The team fulfilled all its obligations.

I bought Lexus on the investment income.
Web Capital
Evgeny Kudryavtsev
I have been working with the team of Berezka Ventures since 2021.

I kept assets in Berezka DAO for a year (I’m happy with everything: I managed to preserve the assets and gained moderate profits)

The team has good experience and expertise in the DeFi field, I got useful knowledge. It is interesting to see what you are offering at the moment, what is your vision of the market.

I keep on reviewing VC opportunities in the blockchain, two-three transactions a year. Currently, I am focused on +/- $50K openings.
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