Potential airdrop from Swell

Swell hinted that a token will be released soon. They are also preparing something to reward early users.

Swell Network is a protocol for free, non—custodial liquidity staking based on Ethereum, which is created for stakers, node operators and the Ethereum ecosystem. The project is supported by leading investors: Framework Ventures, Apollo Capital Management and IOCG Ventures.

The first version of Swell — Seawolf — has been launched in the main network, and stakers with different levels of experience in staking are invited to work in it. Thanks to a simple and secure decentralized application for staking liquidity and zero commissions for staking (for a limited period of time), users can increase their income.

It is assumed that the first phase of the Swell launch will last 30 days. Swell made it clear that community members who place funds for staking and provide liquidity to swETH during this time will be rewarded. However, the details are still unknown.

So, how to place funds for staking in Swellin order to qualify for a potential reward:

⬛ Establish a connection with Swell via MetaMask, WalletConnect or Coinbase.

⬛ Confirm the amount for staking in ETH.

⬛ Remove swETH, the reward for staking will be credited automatically.

It is expected that soon after the launch of the main network, the storage function will be available, which may give another chance to receive a reward from Swell. So follow the newsso as not to miss a good moment.

Please note that there is no official information about when Swell will launch the token and whether there will be an airdrop. Liquidity staking is usually associated with certain risks. Before using any crypto products or blockchain solutions, it is recommended to collect and analyze information about them yourself.

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