Potential airdrop from Socket

Socket, a promising competitor to LayerZero, offers a tempting early opportunity to get airdrop.

Socket is an operational compatibility protocol that provides secure and efficient exchange of data and funds in various networks. The project is supported by Coinbase, Framework and Mark Cuban. Leading applications use Socket to provide their users with trouble-free operation on various networks.

The issue of its own Socket token for management and other purposes has been confirmed.

On May 1, 2023, the SocketSurge testnet was launched, participation in which provides for remuneration. Security experts could become project participants who would find vulnerabilities and try to crack the data layer. In this way, they will earn points, which will later bring them a reward in the form of a share of the $150,000 USDCallocated for the reward. Unfortunately, registration for the first wave of SocketSurge has already been completed. (Nevertheless, you can still try to register.)

However, it will soon be possible to join the subsequent stages of SocketSurge testing, which will focus on node operators, protocol developers and end users of cross-chain protocols. Subscribe to the Socket pages on social networks and follow our Telegram channelso as not to miss the announcement.

So, perhaps it's worth starting interacting with decentralized applications that run on Socket right now. For example, you can start with your own Socket – Bungee application. It is a bridge aggregator that offers the optimal route for transferring funds from one network to another.

To get started with Bungee based on Socket,

⬛ Log in to /;

⬛ Click Connect Wallet to link the wallet;

⬛ Transfer tokens from one network to another.

Before using any crypto products or blockchain solutions, it is recommended to collect and analyze information about them yourself.

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