Potential airdrop from Pika

An official announcement was made that Pika will launch its own token, part of the total number of tokens will be distributed among community members in the form of airdrops.

Pika Protocol is a decentralized exchange based on Optimism, a second-level solution for scaling the Ethereum network. This is a publicly available smart contract that is fully implemented in the system of decentralized finance. The Pika protocol allows trading directly from other smart contracts without involving a third party.

Last year, the Pika protocol received a grant from the Optimism Foundation in the amount of $900,000OP. In August 2022, part of this grant was distributed in the form of an airdrop among platform users who traded or provided liquidity. On May 23, 2023, the $PIKA token will be released. This is a utility token of the Pika protocol. In total, $100 million PIKA will be in circulation, but initially 19 millionwill be issued, with 30% allocated for future remuneration for liquidity providers, traders and users who will store funds in $PIKA, and 10% for retroactive and future airdrops. All rewards will be distributed in the form of escrow tokens over the next 3 years.

There is no detailed information about the criteria and methods of distribution of remuneration in $PIKA yet. However, you may be eligible for a potential airdrop if you have worked in Pika Protocol. Otherwise, it might be worth starting working with the protocol now. Here's how you can start interacting with the Pika protocolto potentially qualify for $PIKA rewards:

⬛ Go to the page

⬛ Link your wallet working with Optimism.

⬛ Trade cryptocurrency or store it in a vault.

⬛ Stay tuned.

Please note that the details regarding the criteria for obtaining the right to remuneration or the methods of distribution of remuneration from Pika have not yet been disclosed. Trading and storing cryptocurrencies on decentralized exchanges is associated with certain risks. Before using any crypto products or blockchain solutions, it is recommended to collect and analyze information about them yourself.

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